Day one

It’s a little arbitrary to think of today as the start of my tiny house journey, but it certainly feels that way. If I were to start with the day I first sketched a floor plan on the back of a lecture handout then we’d be well into the triple digits on that timeline, by the date of my first materials purchase it’s day four, and by the physical build start date, well, we’re at something like day negative 162. But last night, while most sane people were drinking in the New Year, I was laying out a life-size floor plan in masking tape on my sister’s living room floor (to her great amusement that my house could fit several times into one room of hers). In the early hours of this morning I walked through my future home for the first time, albeit with a significant degree of suspension of disbelief required. So today is day one.

At 8.5’x20′ my tiny house floorplan fits comfortably in my sister’s living room with space to spare! And yep, those are my shoes right next to the door (where I’ll actually keep them) – gives some perspective as to size…

The past week has also included my first tiny house materials purchase, scratching together the necessary funds to start, and setting a firm start date. This whole project is taking on a degree of reality it never had when it was only a sketchup model on my computer!

It’s also the first day of the new year and I suppose that’s symbolic, though I promise that is by coincidence, not intent. My tiny house is not a New Year’s Resolution. It’s been too long in the planning to be written off that easily!

At any rate, here goes. I hope you will find this blog helpful in realizing your own tiny/sustainable dreams (and avoiding some of the mistakes I’m sure I’ll make and get to warn you about here!).

We have liftoff! Both my tiny house and this blog are finally getting off the ground! (1999)

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