Two questions every tiny house builder needs to answer and can’t

Since starting to think seriously about building a tiny house, I’ve been muddling through two questions which put the brakes on this project for far too long…

Without answering these it was impossible to figure out when I might have both the time and the money to make this happen.

Sometimes this whole process feels like learning to swim... (2007)
Sometimes this whole process feels like learning to swim… (2007)

Of course, there’s some information online on what others have done. You can find tiny houses that cost anywhere from $420 to $98,400 or more and took anywhere from the three day builds done at workshops run by this guy to the year+ building process that these folks are in the middle of. But which will mine be and what are the key choices I can make that would move me from one end of the spectrum to the other?

In all honesty, I still can’t fully answer that question but I have created a spreadsheet which I hope will help others to do so. In it I am tracking all of my purchases for the tiny house along with notes on what some of the more and less expensive options I looked at would have cost. By the end of the build this should show the exact cost of my build as well as the upper and lower ends of what it could have cost and which items would most affect that.

Other websites with cost details for their tiny house builds (in varying degrees of detail) are:
Laura Klement
Living Big in a Tiny House (these guys are based in Australia so bear that in mind when it comes to costs)

As to the time question, I’m afraid I must offer another unfinished answer in the form of another spreadsheet where I am tracking the hours spent on my tiny house build. It’s pretty empty so far as I have chosen not to track the time spent designing and planning (or blogging!) since I’ve already put in hundreds of those and haven’t kept track so far… The build itself starts June 5th so the spreadsheet should start filling up pretty fast then. I will be including everything else from time spent acquiring materials to the build itself. I’ll also be breaking the tracker down by general area of labor so you can see what takes the most time.

I am not aware of any other sites with details of time spent on the build. Some give total time in months or years, but since many build part-time it is difficult to interpret this without knowing how many hours were spent on the build within that time-window. If you know of anywhere with helpful info, please share links in the comments and I’ll copy them up here. Thanks!

Also, if you’re reading this and you have built (or are building) your own tiny house, please share your own experiences with tiny house costs and time commitment in the comments!


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