Week 2 update

Day 10

Measuring to see if we’ll be able to get my house out once it’s built. Suddenly occurred to us it would be good to check this ahead of time!
The ubiquitous Texas pickup is pretty useful for some stuff. Good thing Pops doesn’t mind his getting a little scuffed.


Plastics trip definitely a success. Someone at the warehouse had messed up and cut a bunch of sheets in half which they were more than happy to get rid of at 75% off. Perfect to protect the underside of our trailer from road debris plus tons left over for other projects like the solar air furnace. Jackpot!

Day 11


I confess I didn’t cook the tamales myself. Hoping I’ll have a chance once this build is done to try out my favorite tamale recipe in my new kitchen. Not worth cooking less than 100 at a time so we’ll need some help eating them, anyone up for that job?

Day 12


You know you’re in Texas when this is what the hardhats look like. Not a gimmick, these were literally the only hardhats in the whole construction store.

Day 13


Only 3 hours in and Pops already has work grease on his new Father’s Day shirt. Actually a perfect christening for it given the theme of the shirt.

Day 14

Tiny house building may be hungry work but I didn’t need to eat for over 24 hours after this meal! Still feel stuffed… Thinking I need space for a BBQ in addition to my full size kitchen. Trying to make space on the deck for that.

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