Tiny House Work Party (Day 54)

Had a great turnout for our tiny house work party yesterday and got an incredible amount done. Suddenly the house has a wall! Thanks everyone who came for helping make the day such a resounding success! Looking forward to seeing some of y’all back whenever you want to come by again.

In goes the insect mesh.

DSC_0010 (1).JPG

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Reverse Rain Check & Days 34-50

Just got hit by our first rainstorm (in fact, it’s darn near the first rain at all…) so I’ve come in to catch up on the blog. Here’s Whisky and I doing a (oh so flattering) rain dance. Just got the tarp over in time, the storm hit pretty quick! You can also see my new stock tank bath tub on the left sitting on top of two new scaffolds ready for putting the walls up.


This post will be a little different from previous in that I’m not going to run you through day-by-day. This is partly because I haven’t been as good about taking pictures recently and partly because life is just too hectic at the moment for a full blog post, even a photo based one, because:

Pops temporarily out of commission

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Days 15-33 Update

Day 15

A mock up of the flow-through composter starts to come together.


Day 16

Our trailer had been held up in shipping at this point so I was using the extra time to double and triple check all the details of our SketchUp drawing. This pic shows our interior rigid foam insulation. To the left of the computer you can see the preliminary quote from the local building supply store for all our materials which I’m also triple checking as I go. And what makes better brain food than a giant bowl of fresh fruit, yogurt, and granola? Love it.


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