Days 15-33 Update

Day 15

A mock up of the flow-through composter starts to come together.


Day 16

Our trailer had been held up in shipping at this point so I was using the extra time to double and triple check all the details of our SketchUp drawing. This pic shows our interior rigid foam insulation. To the left of the computer you can see the preliminary quote from the local building supply store for all our materials which I’m also triple checking as I go. And what makes better brain food than a giant bowl of fresh fruit, yogurt, and granola? Love it.


Day 17

Pops’ carnivorism and Sophie’s love of veggies are working on a compromise. I’m increasingly convinced the tiny house needs a BBQ.


Day 18

Found this on my way out of Home Depot. Looks like a great way to test our rainwater collection system once it’s done!


Day 19


Whisky in his favorite pose – working on taking up as much space as possible ready for tiny house living.

Day 20

Still waiting on the trailer… Alright then, let’s smoke some ribs from scratch to pass the time. Mmm. (Actually haven’t been short on things to do, even without the trailer. Hoping the extra detailed planning will pan out to a shorter build time as we’re going to need to be speedy at this point if I want a roof to sleep under come September!)


Day 21

Yay! The trailer’s ready. Here it is all wrapped up and ready to go.IMG_20160627_150010.jpg

Had considered flooring my house in pallets. I guess this is the place to come if I choose to go that way!



Stopped by one of the largest RV stores in the country (per the salesman) on the way back to help us get some ideas. Forgot to take pictures there but here’s some of the brochures. The place itself was pretty amazing – two huge air conditioned sales rooms full of RVs. Definitely glad we’re building our own, all the pre-made ones in this size seem to have kitchens that are designed for little more than making a sandwich…


The trailer makes it home. It was a pretty productive drive up to DFW – along with the trailer we also picked up some barrels we’ll be using in our rainwater collection system. The big one used to hold coconut oil and the smaller ones held herbs so my water’s going to taste like Thai curry!


Day 22

Our DFW trip also included a detour past the Texas Worm Farm up in Georgetown. Tom there set us up with some great looking red wiggler composting worms but they must not have liked their new home much as they made a pretty determined shot at escape overnight! Here’s me collecting the not-yet-desiccated escapees back up again the next morning.


Every time I think I’m done there’s another one!


Ok, worms are tucked in. Time to unload. Pops thought it looked like I was practicing for caber tossing at the highland games. I have been considering trying for Scottish citizenship if they make it back into the EU. Maybe this’ll help me pass the citizenship test?



With the help of some steel drums (putting the whole lot more at Pops’ height level), the trailer starts coming together (upside down for ease of putting the axles on).


The cardboard that the trailer was wrapped in gets recycled for the worms.


Whisky takes his job as mascot very seriously…


Turns out this is the best tool for opening trailer part wrapping. Sometimes tried and true is really the way to go.

Day 23

Starting to look like a trailer. Maybe? At any rate, it’s got one set of suspension for the axles.


I leave him alone for one minute and he moves to right where I had been standing. That boy sure does like to be as in the way as possible.


Day 24

Homemade catfish po’boys after a hard day’s work. Mmmm.


Day 25

We’ve got axles!


Was looking for another ½” wrench and came across these. Definitely glad I’m building here where all of Pops’ tools are, but not sure what we could possibly need these for – they’re huge!


Day 26

Alright bud, I need to use that drill…


Look like a trailer yet?


Day 27

My niece was visiting for 4th of July and wanted to build her own project. For 5 years old, I’d say she did pretty well with that hammer!


Tire #1 is on!


Day 28

The first trailer required some grinding due to slight inaccuracies in the bending and excessive slag from galvanizing. Not a problem for this trailer, just took some extra time to fix. Definitely something we’re correcting before putting the trailer on the market for others.


Day 29

The two requirements of a safe work place. Protective equipment and coffee.


Our rain barrels have been getting lots of use much sooner than expected as they work great for everything from chairs to overnight protection for our power tools.


Day 30

And she’s ready to roll!


Well, not quite – she’s still upside down. Which brings us to… Time to flip the trailer.


A little blocking to raise the weight onto the wheels instead of the fender.


No crane? Need to flip a trailer? That’s fine, time for some Southern engineering.


Whisky staying safe behind the safety cordon. Come-alongs (the tool pictured with the blue handle) were indispensable for keeping the trailer steady and letting her down slowly.


And she’s over! It was about this time that the tiny house got a nickname as Carriage House is a little long to be saying while cajoling her back to earth. Meet Carri.


I’m standing in my tiny house!


Day 31

Time to add on the front 8 feet.


A laser level (top left) really speeds up (and increases the accuracy of) getting her flat.


One of our axles went catawampus during the flip. Thanks to the folks at Tiny Nest who posted a YouTube video on the same problem (relevant part starts around minute 5:50), we recognized it when we saw it and were able to fix it.


This is what it should look like.


The hot hours of the day arrived and we headed off to McCoy’s Building Supply to order all our lumber. Everyone there was really helpful from Kasi at the desk who helped us get the best materials and price, to Matt (shown left) in the yard who helped us get our cedar down to the ground.


Isn’t it beautiful. This will all be finish trim which is why we picked it ourselves. They’ll be choosing the framing pine for us with the option to return if it isn’t straight, solid, etc.


The folks at McCoy’s have been seeing a lot of Whisky lately. In addition to being awesome about letting him come into the store with us (the alternative would be leaving the truck running with AC since it’s over 100F outside!), they’ve also been showering him with dog treats and then a very dashing free bandana today that declares he was “Born to Build”. The bandana also bears such entertaining and motivational slogans as “McCoys – Blood, Sweat, Tears – Authentic”, “Build with the Real McCoy”, and “It’s not going to build itself”. The last one is particularly fitting at the moment!


Day 32

And the lumber arrives.

DSC_0009 (1).JPG

I’ll admit this made me pretty nervous. My beautiful house about to come crashing to the ground!

DSC_0015 (1).JPG

And there she goes.

DSC_0020 (1).JPG

Phew. Safely on the ground.

DSC_0026 (1).JPG

Time to get some work done!

DSC_0031 (1).JPG

Pops and I all geared up for the sun. Usually we try to work in the garage during the middle of the day, but the delivery arrived at high noon so we had to be out in it.

Day 33

And the blog’s finally caught up to today! Build day 33/90. We’re over 1/3 of the way done time-wise and still no walls! Aghh. Time to get cracking. First up, lets get the tongue on the trailer so we’ll be able to tow her.

DSC_0001 (2).JPG

Those who know Pops will realize how amazing this is. Clear floor space, in his workshop. Unheard of! Of course, it’s only clear so we can cover it back up again…

DSC_0035 (1).JPG

Hmm. We need a couple more real jacks before we start building on this thing.

DSC_0008 (1)

After their first attempt at a prison break. The worms really seem to have settled in. Time to build a house for them to live in.


Alright, that’s all folks. I’ll try and be a little more on top of updating in the future but can’t promise anything. There’s barely a second to spare between the bare minimum of sleep and getting this build done!



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