Reverse Rain Check & Days 34-50

Just got hit by our first rainstorm (in fact, it’s darn near the first rain at all…) so I’ve come in to catch up on the blog. Here’s Whisky and I doing a (oh so flattering) rain dance. Just got the tarp over in time, the storm hit pretty quick! You can also see my new stock tank bath tub on the left sitting on top of two new scaffolds ready for putting the walls up.


This post will be a little different from previous in that I’m not going to run you through day-by-day. This is partly because I haven’t been as good about taking pictures recently and partly because life is just too hectic at the moment for a full blog post, even a photo based one, because:

Pops temporarily out of commission

Friday evening, Pops walks over to the trailer after taking Whisky for a short walk and says “I can’t see out of half of my right eye.” As a medical student, my brain jumps to making a differential diagnosis and, a few vision and nerve tests later, we’re off to the ER (the only place that’s open) to try and connect him with an ophthalmologist. Unfortunately, Friday night isn’t the best night to do this and we had to wait til Monday for an official diagnosis. Pops has a detached retina and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow to correct it. He’ll be out of commission for two days and slowly getting back into the swing of things for a few weeks after that.

For those coming to the work party on Saturday, it’s still on. We just apologize that we’re not as far along as we had planned and so likely won’t be sheathing or siding the house yet. Rather, you’ll be helping raise the walls which might be more exciting. Hey, I guess that makes this a barn tiny house raising party!

Anyway, onto the news prior to our medical adventures:

Tiny house progress

We have windows! Here’s Whisky overseeing loading.

DSC_0001 (1).JPG

And here they are all strapped on and ready to go.
DSC_0004 (1)

A nice food pic to spice things up. We’ve discovered the wonders of tomatillos which really add a great flavor to guac. That’s blackened red snapper with it, mmm.

DSC_0021 (1)

I was then off in Seattle for 48 hours doing my OSCEs (a clinical exam where you basically play doctor with actors for patients). Came back to find a mountain of parcels waiting for us including our sheep’s wool insulation (more info on this when the build is done and I have time to do informational posts), a wood planer, insect netting, and much more!

DSC_0011 (1)

Whoa, the trailer is ready to move. Here it is ready for its first test run.

DSC_0022 (1)

And Whisky took my seat while I ran in to get the camera….

DSC_0023 (1)

On the road.

DSC_0033 (1)

And backing back into the build site. Backing down the the long drive sure was fun!

DSC_0053 (1)

Ready for the splashpan to protect the house from debris thrown up while driving.

DSC_0057 (1)

And in goes the floor framing.

DSC_0060 (1)

And another tasty food pic. This time seven-hour-sauce on spaghetti squash.

DSC_0062 (1)

Putting together a map ready to cut wood for the walls.

DSC_0065 (1)

And putting in the floor joists and baseplate for the walls.

DSC_0066 (1)

That’s all folks. It’s stopped raining and I need to head back out to get as much building catch-up done as we can before sundown. Looking forward to seeing some of y’all for the work party this Saturday!



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