The Tiny House Needs a Home

With my date for moving to Seattle getting ever closer (arriving late September), I’ve been searching for a place to park my new house. Turns out such a place is pretty hard to find! So, if you’re reading this and you know someone in the Seattle area with a yard who might be interested in hosting a tiny house, please point them my way!

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A Word on Moisture

I thought I’d done all the research I could possibly do on moisture control in construction but all this rain has me reconsidering. I had to go back out into the house to get a clamp and took the chance to recheck the status of the tarp and how it had fared with the ceaseless wind and rain overnight. It’s doing great – thanks Cindy and Rose for helping us not only get it up in record time last night but also do so pretty damn close to perfectly! But for all that there isn’t a drop of liquid water to be seen, everything still feels damp. Maybe it’s just the air, the humidity’s creeping up pretty close to 100%. But all the moisture in the air has to mean moisture in the wood and that’s got my jittery about closing in the floor and walls this week without giving them time to dry.

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The Tiny Becomes a House

In one moment, about 15 minutes ago, this tiny stack of wood and metal became a house. I’d run out through a lull in the storm to see how the tarp was holding up. After squeezing in between a roped down edge and the side of the trailer I checked, and double checked, every inch of the inside for leaks. The lull had passed, the thunder was right overhead, and the rain on the tarp made the house feel like the inside of a drum. But it was a dry drum, completely and utterly dry. And when I finally stood still, adequately convinced that the tarp was rain-proof, it suddenly felt like a house. Even as a stick frame covered in thin blue plastic, it was doing what all houses are meant to, providing shelter – and it was doing a mighty fine job of it. I lay down, right there on the sawdust covered subfloor and looked up at the roof of my very own (tiny) house.


So here’s what we’ve been doing over the past week to get here:

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