Days 55-61

All walls up and (almost) all studs in place. Just framing out all the windows (and door) today. Sheathing tomorrow with the help of the amazing folks from the Austin Tiny House Building MeetUp group. Thanks everyone!


And here’s the progress that led to this point. About a wall per day framed in place (easier with just the three of us than the more standard frame-and-raise which would be pretty heavy and unwieldy, even with a tiny house!).

Had to stop and snap a pic of this guy. Not sure the picture does justice to just how much he looks like a leaf, down to the smallest detail. Doesn’t matter how many hours I put into design, nature’s always going to be better at it!

DSC_0009 (1)

Love my 45 degree wall but it sure has included a lot of brain stretching parts to figure out how to design. Here’s the approach we finalized on for the corner framing. Came out particularly nicely since two studs fit together perfectly without any offcuts. Here’s to hoping the plan works on the double top plate at that corner too (this afternoon’s project)!


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