The Tiny Becomes a House

In one moment, about 15 minutes ago, this tiny stack of wood and metal became a house. I’d run out through a lull in the storm to see how the tarp was holding up. After squeezing in between a roped down edge and the side of the trailer I checked, and double checked, every inch of the inside for leaks. The lull had passed, the thunder was right overhead, and the rain on the tarp made the house feel like the inside of a drum. But it was a dry drum, completely and utterly dry. And when I finally stood still, adequately convinced that the tarp was rain-proof, it suddenly felt like a house. Even as a stick frame covered in thin blue plastic, it was doing what all houses are meant to, providing shelter – and it was doing a mighty fine job of it. I lay down, right there on the sawdust covered subfloor and looked up at the roof of my very own (tiny) house.


So here’s what we’ve been doing over the past week to get here:

The final top plates and rafters slot into place.

The rain arrives giving us a chance to try out our giant tarp. Turns out it takes some trial and error to manage that thing (particularly in a windy rain storm!). Here it is getting opened back up again after one batch of rain has passed.


Working inside cutting and prepping ready for the rain to pass.


♪ ♫ Here comes the sun ♪ ♫


One of our amazing volunteer building helpers from the Austin Tiny House MeetUp group. Cindy proved to be very handy with a hammer! Here she’s getting up some of the last of our metal structural strapping.


Another amazing volunteer, Rose, getting some of the sheathing material cut for baffles in the roof. Her first time using a circular saw and she had it down like a pro from the start.


Enjoying a well earned lunch. Also a great chance to quiz Cindy and Rose on all they’d learned at the Tiny House Jamboree last weekend!


That’s all folks! Looks like the rain’s passed and it’s time to get back to work :). The weatherman says rain on and off all week so we’re going to be pros with getting that tarp on in minutes by the end!


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