The Tiny House Needs a Home

With my date for moving to Seattle getting ever closer (arriving late September), I’ve been searching for a place to park my new house. Turns out such a place is pretty hard to find! So, if you’re reading this and you know someone in the Seattle area with a yard who might be interested in hosting a tiny house, please point them my way!

What: Tiny house parking space needed (the house is literally the size of a standard parking space). Yard? Field? Derelict vacant city lot? They all sound great! No hookups required as the house is designed to go off grid, extension cord and hose ideal for backup.

Who: A graduate medical student looking for a quiet place to call home (me) and the world’s most mellow dog (Whisky).

Where: Seattle area including Bainbridge and Vashon islands as well as anywhere from Everett to Kent. Main criteria is less than half an hour’s bike ride from public transit as I would really like to avoid getting a car!

When: Starting any time after mid-September (whenever works for you!). Looking to stay at least through next June and would love the option for longer if my medical education works out to be able to stay in Seattle. Also open to short term options while searching for a longer term home (again, whatever works for you!).

Flyer below with a pic of what the house will look like finished (Soon! First wall sheathed today!).





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