Not Dead Yet…

For those who have asked, no we haven’t stopped building! I’ve just been stuck up in Seattle most of the time doing my Masters of Public Health. Ok, not stuck, I’m loving it, but it is pulling me away from the build.

I’ve been back down a few times over the past few months and keep meaning to post about our progress. Given today’s the first of the year it seemed like a good time to break the habit of intending to and actually post. So, in somewhat chronological order:

My beautiful red door all painted and mounted. The fit was exact, meaning it was a massive pain to get in… But the end result is pretty perfect!


Our vented roof means the air needs a way in and out at either end which is surprisingly difficult to accomplish within the 8′ 6″ width limit for road travel. Hence the vents cut in our fascia trim. Yet another example of how even simple things always take longer than expected!


It’s a good thing Pops’s tall because attaching that fascia trim to the high side of the house took all of his arm length.


Mum has repeatedly proclaimed while waterproofing the roof how glad she is for investing in those knee pads. The rest of us are jealous…


Testing out the material we’ll be roofing it with. Metal for durable waterproofing and light color for minimal heat gain.


Cutting holes in the roof terrifies me a little in terms of waterproofing, but it should mean a big difference in comfort when the hot air is escaping out these vents during the summer. The air-to-air heat exchanger for air changes during the winter also goes through one of these.


And Pops’s been hard at work mocking up that air-to-air heat exchanger.

Thanks to Linda for our neverending supply of cans. Having plenty for trial and error in how to cut them just right has definitely been a godsend. The ping-pong balls are another repurposed item and make for a great valve to ensure air only goes the direction we want it to.


Phew. We’re finally waterproof. No more worrying about wrapping the darn thing in a tarp every night!…


With the roof done, time for the sides. The vertical white strips make an air gap behind the wood to allow it to breath and dry out more easily. They sell strips purpose made for this for some absurd price or you can buy corrugated plastic board (the same exact material as the purpose made stuff, also used for roadside signs) for about 10% of the price and cut it yourself. We did the latter.


Thanks to Sammy and Regina for the lions share of our awesome repurposed cedar siding! Isn’t it beautiful?!


Really starting to look like a house.


Meanwhile, on the inside the hammock gets tested for the first time.


Only to rip out the floor from under it so that we can insulate between the joists (we didn’t do this before since the house wasn’t waterproofed and our insulation wouldn’t appreciate getting wet!).


Couldn’t afford an insulation blower to fluff it up but it turns out that a paint stirrer in a bucket full of insulation does a pretty good job for all of $5! (We already had the oversized drill that the paint stirrer goes into).


Vents through the floor provide an intake of cool air in the summer (the second tube is for plumbing). Unlike the walls, the blue foam here can’t go over the framing as the subfloor needs to sit directly on the joists to be nice and stable. Thus it has to be carefully cut around the joists instead (with Pops putting his foot through several finished panels while balancing from joist to joist…).


For a slightly more hospitable walking surface, down goes the subfloor.


In other news, Mum managed to nab us a stack of lithographic printing plates for the price of a six pack of beer. A local printing company were done with them and they were headed to the recycling plant otherwise. We’ll be turning them into a wind turbine instead.

This is where I admit that the SD card got left out the camera about a month ago and we didn’t realize until just now so I don’t have any pictures of the creation of said wind turbine or anything else in the past week. I can tell you, however, that the bathroom is framed and we just celebrated this evening having put up our first piece of finish paneling (which I’ve been painting for the past few days). About 1/4 of our flooring is stained so that should be ready to go down soon, and we’ve started putting together the kitchen counters. So much progress which Mum and I judiciously photographed without realizing those photos weren’t being saved anywhere…

It’s dark outside now so I can’t get any new update photos at the moment and I’m flying out back to Seattle before the sun rises in the morning so I’ve delegated the task of cameraman back to Mum. I’ll try to get those loaded up in a new post ASAP (more regular blog posting seems like a good New Year’s resolution, but it wouldn’t take much for me to be posting more frequently than I have over the past few months!).

That’s all folks. Happy holidays!


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