Brief update

I’m headed back down to Texas next weekend to get some more work done on the house. Plan is to get it ready for driving up to Seattle in early February which means I’ll be living in this thing pretty soon! In the meantime, here is a few update pics for where the house is at at the moment (recall that my last post was a few months out of date as we’d been taking pics using a camera with no SD card!).


Winds last night were up into the 20km/hr to 50km/hr range depending on which weatherman you trust. The roof’s on but not fully screwed down yet so Pops was out at midnight adding some extra screws and these tires to stop the whole lot blowing away. While I’m glad to see the roof still in place come morning, I’m even more glad that Pops’s still in one piece – crawling around the roof in the middle of the night in a wind storm feels like a recipe for disaster…

As to other things being tested in the dark, Pops’s been trying out some of our lighting options. Hard to get a good feel for how well they work from photos, but I’m thinking a few of these should do a good job of brightening the place up. You can also see in the up-lighting pic that the roof is now fully paneled with whitewashed ply and the walls are in progress.


Also for the inside, the flooring material is all stained, sealed, and ready to put down thanks to a tireless volunteer from the Austin Tiny House MeetUp group. We’re using half-inch plywood cut into a mix of four and six inch planks at a cost of $0.78/square foot including stain and polyurethane sealer. For reference, standard flooring we were looking at would have been in the $2-$6/sq ft range with most of the cheaper ones frankly not looking very good. The plywood option gave us complete freedom on the width and color of the planks at a much lower price.

We’re mostly following the instructions from the Farmhouse Wide Plank Floor post over on Picklee except using stain instead of white washing and we’re doing the first coat of seal before putting the floor down so we can protect the underside from moisture variation (leading to bowing and cupping of the planks). For stain we used two coats of natural and one coat of espresso. The original plan was just espresso but the ply was so dry that I literally couldn’t wipe that stain off fast enough to get a result that was anything other than uniformly pitch black. Saturating the wood with natural stain first and then adding the espresso allowed for much more control of the finished color which came out as a mix of warm brown to almost black. Hard to get a good feel for the color from the picture but I love it!


Pops also managed to nab some actual flooring material at 70% off from Lowe’s since, ya know, who would want 30 square feet of flooring?? Turns out we do. It’s too little to cover even our tiny floor space, but is perfect for the kitchen countertop. It’s pretty nice bamboo engineered flooring which should make a really good-looking countertop at a fraction of the cost of a solid slab of wood.

Finally a quick look at the outside which is pretty darn close to done. The patch at the back without siding is where the shed is going to go. Other than that, there’s just a few more miscellaneous bits of siding and finishing up screwing down and trimming the roof. Then we’re ready to hit the road!!


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