Final Countdown

This’ll be a short post with just one big update and a few small ones. Taking photos has kind of fallen back in priority in favor of actually getting sh** done… That said, we’re on the home stretch now so looking forward to getting y’all some finished interior pics soon! Current plan is to have it livable within the next two weeks and up to Seattle by the end of the month!

Anyway, big update number one is… wheel’s on!


Getting it down off the jack stands was a tad terrifying, but all went well and we took it on a very short test drive which also went smoothly. Whew!


Also on the outside, the shed is finally done and looking fine! This’ll hold the hot composter plus space for tools.


The wardrobe is up. That’s the thing hanging just to the left of the shower stall. It’ll be a combined clothes drying rack (when pivoted out horizontal) and wardrobe (when hanging down vertically) so that I don’t have to pretend I’m the kind of person who ever gets around to putting her clothes away… :D. To put clothes in and take clothes out you just open it back out horizontal. If they’re wet, it stays horizontal until they’re dry, otherwise just let it drop back vertical again. There’s an identical one on the other side that I’ve already made but haven’t mounted yet so there should be plenty of space once that’s up. More accurately, it’ll force me to stick to my 20 item wardrobe rule (based on the 10 Item Wardrobe TED Talk plus some space for sports gear, PJs, etc) in which case there will be exactly the right amount of space :D.

The sliding barn door for the bathroom is also up. Sure, one of the planks on the antique door we’re using fell off so we’ll need to replace that and reinforce the rest, but otherwise I think it looks great!


The beams are finally covered so my loft has a floor instead of having to move around up there like I’m on a monkey frame.


And the final flooring is going down on the main level too. Appears a tad dark in the picture, looks a much warmer brown in real life.

Alright, that’s it for now. Sorry for the quality of the pics, we’re still trying to work out the camera situation so these were all taken on a phone…


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