Moving in

Books are on the shelves, clothes are in the wardrobe, a single jar of cheerios and three onions are trying to fill out the kitchen cabinets. More to the point, I slept in the house for the first time on Sunday. I’m finally moving in.

Yesterday Mum waded into the bureaucracy of the DMV armed with pictures of the house proving it contains all the necessary elements for modern living. She returned victorious with our VIN and travel trailer designation in hand. It’s official, the tiny house is now suitable for human habitation.

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Looking Like a Home?

So I was down in Texas again this weekend getting the house close to finished out. Big progress points include finally hanging my hammock and getting the sofa most of the way framed out so things are really starting to come together. In fact, Mum managed to pull off some careful camera angles to make the house look pretty much done!

The sliding door for the bathroom is up as is the shelving for my study. The shelving is held up by antique wrenches from Pops’ toolbox, I believe they used to belong to my great grandfather.

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