Looking Like a Home?

So I was down in Texas again this weekend getting the house close to finished out. Big progress points include finally hanging my hammock and getting the sofa most of the way framed out so things are really starting to come together. In fact, Mum managed to pull off some careful camera angles to make the house look pretty much done!

The sliding door for the bathroom is up as is the shelving for my study. The shelving is held up by antique wrenches from Pops’ toolbox, I believe they used to belong to my great grandfather.

Here’s the bathroom so far (still need to put a more picturesque surface on the loo than particleboard, put the tub back in place, and add the shower curtain to cover up our lovely waterproof membrane…). I had been worried that the gap between the loo and shower would be pretty cramped but it’s actually easier to move around in than expected. May add an additional step between the loo and the tub as well as one in the shower/tub to help with getting in and out of the latter. As it is Mum has declared she won’t be able to bathe if she comes to visit me as it’s too hard to get out of the shower…


Here’s the sofa I spent the weekend building. There will be two ottomans that slide underneath and the whole thing turns into a bed with the help of a slide out platform and the ottomans. You can also see in this photo that the hammock is up (the blue thing hanging in the corner. It’s a little hard to tell from the picture, but it is tied to a dowel that slots through the large beam. There’s a matching mount on the other end of the big beam to spread the hammock out for use and then it tucks away in the corner like this during the day. Bedding will live in one of the ottomans. The cushions in the photo are just stand-ins (borrowed from my parents’ couch) while I’m working on the final set. I’m sewing them on my great grandmother’s 98 year old hand crank sewing machine which still works like a charm. Love this machine! I’ll try and get pics of the cushions up soon.


Pops is working on getting the electrical up and running at the moment. This cork board will be the switch panel by the door and will cover up the breakers for the 12 volt lighting system. This is just a mock up which is why it looks kind of loose and wonky, it’s also a slightly out of date version: the big black boxes were dimmers (upside down in order to fit the corks properly) but we’ve decided to switch them out for normal switches. We’ll be finalizing it, gluing down the corks, and mounting the switches in the next few days.

That’s all for photos, folks. Kitchen counter’s going down at the moment, then just some kitchen shelving to finish out, a ladder to the loft, and the movable tables. Home stretch!


4 thoughts on “Looking Like a Home?

  1. Linda Lindan

    Sophie, the house is taken shape and looking like a little home. I know it’s been hard work for all involved. Soon you will be taking it to Washington and your dream will be reality. What an accomplishment.

    1. trtn

      Thank you for your words of encouragement on this last stretch! Definitely excited to move in soon. Sad to have not been able to make it up to Bryan much while working on it, wish life weren’t so busy! Give my love to everyone!

    1. trtn

      Thanks for the luck! We’re still deciding whether to risk heading up through the middle of the country (via Gillette) or follow the coast which would be hillier but less snowy. We’ll see how the weather’s looking and I’ll drop you a line if we’re likely to be in the area. In case I don’t get to catch up on news in person, how’s everything going with y’all?

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