Moving in

Books are on the shelves, clothes are in the wardrobe, a single jar of cheerios and three onions are trying to fill out the kitchen cabinets. More to the point, I slept in the house for the first time on Sunday. I’m finally moving in.

Yesterday Mum waded into the bureaucracy of the DMV armed with pictures of the house proving it contains all the necessary elements for modern living. She returned victorious with our VIN and travel trailer designation in hand. It’s official, the tiny house is now suitable for human habitation.

Can you believe that this is what it looked like 12 hours before?


The outside has been nearly done for a while but a few small changes have really made it come together. First, the lights bar is on the back just waiting for the addition of a license plate to hit the road. And you might notice our wind turbine is now mounted (that’s the three silver wings attached to a bike wheel just over the roof). It was turning merrily at 10-20 rpm when I couldn’t feel a breeze at all and then started going too fast to count when the wind picked up. Just need to finish wiring the house and we’ll be set.


The Carriage House sign is also now up over the front door which makes everything feel more official.


The house isn’t done (most notably it still doesn’t have working plumbing or electrical), but I’m not sure it ever will be. As I’m moving in I keep finding things to fix or add. Sleeping in the house made it clear that the kitchen storage needs to move one inch to the right to get out of the way of the hammock. While swinging down from the loft using one of the beams (no ladder yet) I became convinced that the house needs the addition of some monkey bars between the beams (seriously!). Things are going to keep coming up. What the house is at this point is close enough to pretend it’s done and I’m going to call that a victory.


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