Money tracker

Details of my build costs below. Interested in seeing other’s price breakdowns? Take a look at:
– The Tiny Okanagan’s Running Total page
– The Budget page at Laura’s Blog
– More coming if and when I find them…

Bought and paid for:

Item Cost From Notes Pricey Option Notes Budget Option Notes
Door $50 Craigslist Standard size Therma-Tru Classic-Craft Full-Lite door $1,000+ Same door new $50 Nothing cheaper I could find
Total: $50 $1000 $50

Expected costs:

Item Cost From Notes Pricey Option Notes Budget Option Notes
Walls $4370 Talking with several SIP suppliers. Will do post on decision making factors when I pick! Using SIPs for both thermal efficiency and time savings during the build. $10,000 Would love Eco-Panels if I could afford them… More eco-friendly materials and better insulation.  $2667 Cheapest quote for SIPs I’ve gotten so far. Would have to cut my own window openings, roof angles, etc.
Windows $1323 Jeld-Wen Vinyl windows with tempered glass for transport. U-factor = 0.33. Will be using a DIY interior plexiglas panel to cover windows in winter for additional insulation. $3000+ Prices go up quickly for triple glazing, wood cladding, etc. $300 Used aluminum frame double glazed windows found on craigslist.
Trailer $4390 Iron Eagle 20′ tiny house trailer with galvanized bottom pan, fender flashing, and leveling jacks. $6000+ Looked into getting custom trailer made for my build, gets pricey… $1000 20′ flatbed trailer off craigslist. Would have lost over a foot in height because the deck is over the fenders.
Total: $10,083 $19,000 $3967