Headed to Texas

Pops has been pushing ahead with a ton of progress in preparation for getting the house on the road early next month. Here’s one last quick update before I hop on a plane tomorrow to join him.


This might be a bit of a spot-the-difference exercise compared to the last exterior pic I posted, but that little bit of change means it’s finally fully sided! Except… Continue reading “Headed to Texas”


Brief update

I’m headed back down to Texas next weekend to get some more work done on the house. Plan is to get it ready for driving up to Seattle in early February which means I’ll be living in this thing pretty soon! In the meantime, here is a few update pics for where the house is at at the moment (recall that my last post was a few months out of date as we’d been taking pics using a camera with no SD card!).


Winds last night were up into the 20km/hr to 50km/hr range depending on which weatherman you trust. The roof’s on but not fully screwed down yet so Pops was out at midnight adding some extra screws and these tires to stop the whole lot blowing away. While I’m glad to see the roof still in place come morning, I’m even more glad that Pops’s still in one piece – crawling around the roof in the middle of the night in a wind storm feels like a recipe for disaster… Continue reading “Brief update”

Not Dead Yet…

For those who have asked, no we haven’t stopped building! I’ve just been stuck up in Seattle most of the time doing my Masters of Public Health. Ok, not stuck, I’m loving it, but it is pulling me away from the build.

I’ve been back down a few times over the past few months and keep meaning to post about our progress. Given today’s the first of the year it seemed like a good time to break the habit of intending to and actually post. So, in somewhat chronological order:

My beautiful red door all painted and mounted. The fit was exact, meaning it was a massive pain to get in… But the end result is pretty perfect! Continue reading “Not Dead Yet…”